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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

About Me

Hey, I’m Corey, and thank you for being here! I don’t usually label myself as one specific occupation or “thing,” but in general, I would call myself a spiritual/creative explorer who simply wants to help others live or recognize their passions and most aligned life, or support other’s ventures with my own technical/creative skill set. I love to empower, creatively experiment, and inspire others through my thoughts, words, and other creative outlets!
My goals for anything I create, offer, or recommend are to help you:

  Spark your inner fire to go after your deepest desires

  Align with your authentic self

  Awaken your inner awareness so you can follow your own GPS

  To motivate or empower you to create and bring ideas to life

  Bring joy to you with my own creative offerings

New from the Blog

Happy 2021! A Quick Message About Setting Intentions!

Happy 2021! A Quick Message About Setting Intentions!

Happy 2021! Obviously 2020 is probably on the short list of least favorite years for many people. Having said that, each year it is ever popular to set new intentions on January 1st (aka “New Years Resolutions”). But as the days come and go, don’t forget that you, my friend, have the power to manifest your intentions and reality. Don’t give your power away to a calendar change (but doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate!)

Can You Give Yourself Permission to Shift?

Can You Give Yourself Permission to Shift?

Shifting from one version of ourselves into the “more ideal” projected version of how we perceive we want to be can be a challenge. It is guaranteed to make you grow, but so much of growth comes from letting go of the old. Sometimes it’s even scary to shift into the newer version of ourselves that we actually want to be, yet we often trip ourselves up from embodying that fully. In my experience, a lot of this starts with not only self-awareness of current patterns, but also giving yourself the permission to make those changes.

New Identity (or Lack of)

New Identity (or Lack of)

How we identify ourselves (based on years and years of conditioning and life experience), in essence is just a construct that helps us navigate the world and helps us tell others who we are, what we do, etc. But what happens when we start attaching ourselves to versions of ourselves that no longer work for us? What happens if you realize that everything you have learned to this point has made you into someone that lives “in a box” of what you identify yourself as? Can you detach?

How I can Help You!

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1-on-1 Mentor Services

Going through deep inner awakening? Or are you trying to better identify and portray who you are as a personal brand? I want to help you thrive in your truth, doing the things you’ve come to this world to do. Click here to see if I can help you along your path!

Tools and Resources

Looking to align with yourself a bit more? How about starting a website or blog of your own for your own personal brand, business, or venture? Check out the mixed bag of my favorite personal development & creative online tools and resources here to help you weave everything together!

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