“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

About Me

Hey, I’m Corey, and thank you for being here! I don’t usually label myself as one specific occupation or “thing,” but in general, I would call myself a spiritual/creative explorer who simply wants to help others live or recognize their passions and most aligned life, or support other’s ventures with my own technical/creative skill set. I love to empower, creatively experiment, and inspire others through my thoughts, words, and other creative outlets!
My goals for anything I create, offer, or recommend are to help you:
   Spark your inner fire to go after your dreams
   Align with your authentic self
   Awaken your inner awareness so you can follow your own inner
GPS (instead of living on autopilot)
   To motivate or empower you to create and bring ideas to life

New from the Blog

New Identity (or Lack of)

New Identity (or Lack of)

How we identify ourselves (based on years and years of conditioning and life experience), in essence is just a construct that helps us navigate the world and helps us tell others who we are, what we do, etc. But what happens when we start attaching ourselves to versions of ourselves that no longer work for us? What happens if you realize that everything you have learned to this point has made you into someone that lives “in a box” of what you identify yourself as? Can you detach?

Spiritual Awakening: Unraveling the Conditioning Part 2

Spiritual Awakening: Unraveling the Conditioning Part 2

In part 1 of Spiritual Awakening: Unraveling the Conditioning, I spoke about my own personal experiences with what it has felt like to navigate the jungle that is the awakening and enlightenment process. In the 2nd and final part of this mini series, I touch on a couple more experiences, and offer a few tips of practices or routines you can try to integrate to your own life in order to help you navigate what could be a confusing time for you!

Top 9 Tips for Quickly Dealing with Anxiety

Top 9 Tips for Quickly Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is something that decided to show up in my life around 10 or so years ago, and has absolutely played a role in how I’ve gone about my life. It’s played its roles in my decision making, quality of life, and how I’ve navigated and experienced many days since then. Though it has not been easy or the most fun to deal with, it’s also taught me a lot about my own mind-body connection, and in weird ways, has opened the door to learning so much about deep inner transformation and holistic healing practices. Having said that, there are those times that it gets triggered and sometimes you just want some quick relief to help deal with it. In this post, I share my personal top 9 ways I’ve gone about dealing with anxiety, with the hopes that you can gather something from this to to apply to your own life. I want to thrive in this life, and I want YOU to thrive as well!

How I can Help You!

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1-on-1 Services

Going through a 1/4 life crisis or deep inner awakening? Or are you trying to better identify and portray who you are as a personal brand? I’m currently trialing some different, brand new 1-on-1 services in order to help you move forward in your life aspirations. Click here to see if I can help you along your path!

Creative Services

Need some top-notch design or creative work for your personal brand, business, or idea? As a designer with 7+ years of experience, as well as someone who dabbles in many creative outlets, I might be able to help you bring to life what’s in your head and heart!

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Looking to align with yourself a bit more? How about starting a website or blog of your own for your own personal brand, business, or venture? Check out the mixed bag of my favorite personal development & creative online tools and resources here to help you weave everything together!

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