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“But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.”

– 2 Corinthians 3:16 ESV –

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About Me

Hey, I’m Corey, and thank you for being here! I don’t usually label myself as one specific occupation or “thing,” but in general, I would call myself a new follower of Jesus recently out of the “New Age,” who simply wants to be of great service utilizing my God-given skills in multiple ways to serve you and the Kingdom. 
Though I’m multi-passionate in my offerings, here are ways I can help you, or skills I enjoy utilizing:

  Graphic design and creative consulting

  Sharing messages/content through writing or video

•  Connecting 1-on-1 with others

•  Teaching and guiding in different ways

What’s New

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finding jesus

May 10, 2022

Though I’ve always believed in some form of “higher power” in my life, it wasn’t until a couple months ago did I fully get a grasp of who Jesus was, and how he continues to permeate existence in the world today and reveal Himself in unexpected ways. 

After many recent years in New Age philosophy, and as I was beginning to build my personal brand direction within that, Jesus found me, and everything course corrected on a dime.  

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Creative Services

May 10, 2022

From social media graphics and YouTube video edits, to personal branding, apparel, or a website or two, if you’re in need of personal and professional creative services, come take a look and see how I can be of service! 

With 10+ years of professional design experience, and being a dabbler in many creative outlets since childhood, I can provide a plethora of solutions for your next project. Looking forward to working with you!

New from the Blog

Life Update: Finding Jesus

Life Update: Finding Jesus

Sometimes life hits you fast and in ways you’re not expecting. After a couple years of building this website in a direction that had plans of teaching new age-based practices and Law of Attraction principles (among many other aspirations), Jesus had a way in revealing Himself and His truth to me in February 2022. Though I resisted at first because of the worldview I had developed over the last many years, once I accepted Him, I began to be set free. Though it was a beautiful feeling, what has followed has been a ton of confusion, depression, and uncertainty due to many life factors I’ve been working through. So what’s next?

Adrenaline and the Present Moment

Adrenaline and the Present Moment

Thunderstorms! Adrenaline! Full, present-moment embodiment, say what?! This week I reflect on a personal experience infused with my love for thunderstorms, and how it was a reminder of what it truly feels like to be mentally present and physically grounded. So often we can find our minds wandering off, taking us out of the present and worried about the future or circumstances of the past, which in the end, robs us of being fully engaged with what’s happening in the now.

The Sneaky Energy of Validation Seeking

The Sneaky Energy of Validation Seeking

We all move through the world in different ways, but for whatever reason, SO MANY OF US end up making choices by seeking for validation and may not even know it. Why is that?? Instead of following our own personal truths about what directions and choices are best for our lives (which in turn end up being more beneficial for the collective when living from soul authenticity), we end up going down a trail of making choices that we perceive will make other people happy, even when your soul knows you have things to do that may not make sense to them.

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