My Story

Hey! I’m Corey, and this is a bit of my life story. I’m an unboxable empath, creator, conscious creation coach, and lightworker who was put on this earth to help others understand energy, concepts such as the Law of Attraction, and the art of simplicity.

Through my own spiritual transformation over the last few years (which is always an ongoing process), and feeling evermore connected to the collective consciousness, I’ve learned and experienced a lot in relation to inner transformation, self-awareness, holistic healing, trusting in divine timing, and learning about how beliefs and thoughts create our experiences and reality.

I want to help you navigate the waters of change, reconnect you back to your passions and creative self, support those passions in different ways, and help you take steps forward to design the life you want from a heart-centered perspective.

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The Journey so far…

At a young age, I was drawn to wanting to be a hockey player or race car driver or something of that nature early on. I loved excitement, sports, and always being active (and still do). But at the same time, I was also drawn to art and expression in its many forms, the planets, the weather, animals, sci-fi/action movies, psychology, and the unknown or metaphysical aspects of life. As time went on though, some life events sent me down a path in my mid 20’s that opened my world into infusing a more holistic, spiritual lifestyle into my experience, but it was not something I knew how to talk about at first with others as it felt so otherworldly to me.

Before all of this, I went down the typical schooling route by getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communications. However after graduating, it was at that point I felt like I didn’t really know where to take my life. I was in retail, and I was also DJing (which was awesome), but knew I wanted to try and put my degree to use, and I SO BADLY wanted the Monday – Friday, 9-5 job so I didn’t have to utilize my weekends constricted behind a cash register. I soon landed that first 9-5 graphic design job that I wanted, but after 4 grinding years in that position, my whole projected life direction changed.

The Quarter-Life Crisis

You see, a couple years ago I stepped away from the security of my 9-5 job without any plan in place; “Taking the leap” that so many talk about. However, I didn’t know what I wanted or who I was anymore at a core level, and I was not feeling near optimal with my health because I had put all of my own needs on the back burner in my life. I took a hard look inside myself and realized I was lost, unconfident, and drowning in conditioned, self-limiting beliefs. Over time, it became more and more clear that everything that had manifested in my life was the culmination of my own limited belief systems about the success I could potentially have, money, love, career direction, etc, and how I was perceiving the world and situations around me. 

Fortunately, this experience has been the catalyst for deep introspection work that has been a huge part in my life the last few years (and even that wording feels like an understatement), and from there, I have begun rebuilding my own life in a brand new way, starting from within. Instead of always feeling like I had to do something, I began listening more closely to my wants and needs from a deeper, spiritual level, with less ego attachment, and have ultimately reconnected with parts of myself I had suppressed years ago, and at the same time, have connected internally on a much deeper level than I ever thought possible.

Through holistic, metaphysical, and spiritual modalities, hours and hours of reading personal development blogs, watching videos, and experiencing many new facets of life first-hand, I started understanding how the emotional and physical issues I was having were all connected, and now realize how interconnected all aspects of life really are. It has changed how I go about my decision-making, what I choose to do each day, and has opened my eyes to how important it is that we all live our gift. 

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My Mission

“To help others identify, align, and take action towards their authentic aspirations and passions by informing, empowering, and guiding.”

At a core level, I’ve always felt that there is more to this world and universe than what we see, hear, feel, touch, or taste. I’ve always enjoyed helping others through my words, attempting to help others see things from a glass half-full perspective, and have fun doing that through creative expression. However, like anyone also reading this, I’ve had my own personal inner battles, thoughts, and challenges that have so often stifled me and kept me a prisoner to my own negative self talk at times…and very obviously to me, has held me back from really being who I feel like I can be in multiple areas of my life.

Sometimes, we go looking on the outside for all of our answers to life’s burning questions, and end up taking paths that might be fulfilling to someone you’re trying to please, or doing something you feel like would be of “great status” or “normal” to the rest of society. Yet, there’s something poking at you that you’re either ignoring, or are too afraid to address. That nagging feeling you’re having is coming up FOR A REASON. And sure, I think there are times when it’s helpful to get a nudge from someone or receive some confirmations here and there from others that you feel like you’re on the right track…we are all connected after all. But, you still need to listen to that true inner voice when it’s all said and done.

There’s a big message that I want to spread, that I can no longer ignore, and it is this:

My personal mission is to inform and be a bridge between helping you understand the connection between the  physical and spiritual. I want to INFORM YOU that there is a deeper calling inside of you, begging for you to answer (assuming you’re ignoring it). I want to INFORM YOU that by choosing to ignore that calling, you’re choosing to ignore your soul. And why on earth would you want to do that?? I want to INFORM YOU that just because someone thinks you can’t, DOES NOT MEAN that it is a fact (unless you tell yourself that to be true).

WHY is it so important that you should be following your callings, ideas, or gut feelings? Because when you’re living out of alignment with your soul, the universe tends to gently (or sometimes forcefully) hit you on the head and say “you came here for more than this.” And when you choose to live IN ALIGNMENT, everything flows with more ease and enjoyment, and not only do you benefit from that, but the world benefits from that. What you energetically put out to the world, comes back to you. When you live your passion or live in alignment with who you truly are, you emit an energy signature that is true to you. And when you emit that energy to the people around you or to the world, it causes a ripple effect that could inspire, help, or motivate someone else to take action in their own life, or maybe you’re directly benefiting them to some degree instead.

When you’re in flow, you’re more likely to feel happier, be more productive, and be open to possibility. Sure, there are going to be days when things don’t go right, or you’re guided to go back to the drawing board. But regardless of that, I want to see more and more people living their callings, expanding their awareness and deepening the connection within, and I want to help you get there or be a part of that journey for you.


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