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Negative vs. Positive Self Talk: Who’s Running the Show + 5 Ways to Recalibrate

Negative vs. Positive Self Talk: Who’s Running the Show + 5 Ways to Recalibrate

It can be so easy to get in our own way and sometimes not even know it, even if you’re a generally positive person. How we talk to ourselves can make a huge difference in how we perceive our reality and what we think is possible, but sometimes it’s not as simple as just telling yourself positive affirmations (although I agree this can help and be a good starting point!). Facing and transcending past experiences and limiting beliefs can do wonders for your healing, but where do you start?

Top 9 Tips for Quickly Dealing with Anxiety

Top 9 Tips for Quickly Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is something that decided to show up in my life around 10 or so years ago, and has absolutely played a role in how I’ve gone about my life. It’s played its roles in my decision making, quality of life, and how I’ve navigated and experienced many days since then. Though it has not been easy or the most fun to deal with, it’s also taught me a lot about my own mind-body connection, and in weird ways, has opened the door to learning so much about deep inner transformation and holistic healing practices. Having said that, there are those times that it gets triggered and sometimes you just want some quick relief to help deal with it. In this post, I share my personal top 9 ways I’ve gone about dealing with anxiety, with the hopes that you can gather something from this to to apply to your own life. I want to thrive in this life, and I want YOU to thrive as well!

"I am right on time" affirmation 12x12 canvas wall art kitchen mock-up

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