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“I’m so grateful for this meditation! It’s very soothing, cleansing, and uplifting. It helped me release a lot of tension in my body and mind. I feel reconnected to my inner peace, motivated for life again, and I can feel my heart softening and opening back up! Such a great way for me to begin and end my day! Thank you!”

– Amanda R.

The experience of this meditation is something I intend to go back to time and time again like I would a favorite vacation spot. The tonal quality is so soothing and I felt very relaxed. I was in need of grounding as I often am and I felt like I melded into a comfortable chair on the ocean’s side. Upon returning to my day I was calm, joyful and rejuvenated. I truly appreciate such a wonderful resource that can help guide me back to serenity when needed.

– Hope G.

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