Happy 2021! A Quick Message About Setting Intentions!

Happy 2021 everyone!

I don’t think I really need to get into how 2020 was personally, or globally as I don’t feel drawn to do that. I think that’s been well covered and lived through. Truthfully, like any other year, it was probably good for some, and worse for others, but obviously very VERY different than anything we’ve all been used to.

I love seeing most of the posts on social media I’ve come across so far today, filled with hope, good thoughts and intentions, and LOVE, and that’s the energy we need!

Having said that, no matter what intentions you set today as it is so popular to do, just know that it is in YOUR POWER to create and manifest the reality you intend for yourself (we are literally more powerful then I think many of us were ever taught growing up)…and I’m not talking about power by force.

It does not mean you control every external circumstance, and it does not mean you control others.

The power I’m talking about is a more quiet, deep, calming power. It’s an energy of confidence you can feel, if you pay attention to it and learn to work with it. An energy of true belief that you can manifest intentions.

The key is removing yourself out of the way of yourself

It’s knowing that, even if you stumble or make a mistake…or that you’ve seemingly given up on your New Years intentions by February…that you can guide your way back to center. To your why.

Knowing that phrases like “I failed” or that “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy enough” are just fallacies. You don’t need to lend yourself powerless to the calendar change, or your own thoughts, or anyone else’s thoughts about you.

Days are just days, and years are just years……it’s the meaning we give any of those days or months or years that make them seem different. Dates in history, holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc.

So whether it’s January 1, 2021, or June 7th, or September 14th, and every other day of measurement in between…just remember, that no matter where this year goes with the highs and the lows, you truly do have the power to:

  • Take that leap
  • Start that business
  • Shift into something new
  • Break down emotional barriers
  • Heal
  • *Insert your intention here*

It’s not about saying them once and hoping it comes about. It’s about consistent intention and BELIEF (and aligned action) in every cell of your mind, body, and soul that whatever you set your intention towards will manifest itself…

…also in divine timing, because that part is out of our control ….all the while paying attention to your guidance system.

You may set an intention or goal, and maybe you get pulled or shown into a different direction that you didn’t expect. There is a fine balance between standing in your power, and standing in stubbornness. The emotional play of letting go and holding on.

Fill your own cup…but do so with gratefulness. Give, but not to your own detriment. Create boundaries when needed, but allow yourself to remain open-hearted to the best of your ability. Share your opinions, but don’t condemn others if they don’t agree.

Set the intentions. Take consistent action. Do it with a smile and with love and joy integrated into that intention, and you’ll find yourself where you want to be before you know it. Follow the breadcrumbs, my friends…you’ve got this!

Happy New Year!



Corey is a freelance creative and spiritual explorer who enjoys deep conversation, excavating for deeper meanings in the universe, as well as uplifting others and helping them thrive in their own lives or ventures. He loves inspiring through blogging or creating content, but also revels in the arts in its many forms.

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