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Building Your Confidence & Your Technical Creative Skill Set



LOVE being CREATIVE for your own brand or business, but can’t figure out how to put up a website, perfect your branding, or edit a video? I can help!

What’s a Creative Empowerment Session?

Empowering Your Creative & Technical Skills

A Creative Empowerment Session is geared towards helping entrepreneurs and small business owners level-up their creative technical skill sets and creative confidence. As a designer with 7+ years of professional experience, and as someone who does a lot of my own content creation, I’ve developed a solid base of knowledge in relation to graphic design, using creative programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, editing video, and getting websites up and running on multiple platforms. Plus I love uplifting others, so this service is the birth child of my skills and own aspirations.

Looking to Achieve a Certain Style, but Can't Figure Out How?

Technology can be frustrating, even on good days…let alone trying to design a flyer, upload a photo at the correct size on your website, or edit a video that’s at least semi-professional. I want to take what I’ve learned and help empower your own self by teaching you new creative or technical skills that you can utilize in your life and apply them to your own aspirations or business! 

Is a Creative Empowerment Session Right for Me?

The creative process or bringing a vision to fruition is rarely ever a straight line from start to finish. I want to help make it a little bit easier for you during those times when you get tripped up or have to backtrack.

Who is this service most suited for?

These 1-on-1 sessions are geared towards anyone looking to improve their design & creative skills, wanting feedback or consulting for a creative project, or hoping to solve a technical problem in relation to websites, social media, or within design programs…all while helping you to also expand your awareness of where you can go with your projects. Think Life Coach meets Creative Technical Support.

What can we solve in a session?

There is quite a wide range of problems that can be solved in a session! Maybe you want to learn the basics of design to help your branding. Or do you want to learn a technical skill so you can upload correctly sized photos to your website? Maybe you want to learn some simple video editing tips and learn how to upload to your favorite platform. Or quite possibly, you’ve created an amazing new flyer for your business, but you still want a professional’s eye to look at it? Think of me as design and creative therapist who wants to help you solve your blocks (creatively and mentally).

How will a session work?

1-on-1 Sessions will be done virtually using Zoom video conferencing. Depending on the problem or skill being learned, we can use screen-sharing during the session in order to visually see what is being talked about during a session, instead of having to fully rely on just using a phone. I will do my best to answer any questions, teach you something new, and have you leaving the session with a smile on your face! 🙂

What programs or platforms are you best at?

As a designer, I’ve worked extensively in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and have been for well over 10 years. I’ve built multiple websites on WIX and my own site most recently on WordPress, and am somewhat familiar with Squarespace (but am always learning something new). I also shoot, edit, and upload my own videos in Adobe Premiere Rush and upload to YouTube, and am most familiar with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in regards to social media platforms in general.

What am I going to get out of this?

My intention is to teach you something new that you can use in your life or business. I want you to leave a session feeling more motivated, excited, and confident to create what you envision, or move forwards past a technical (or even mental) block so you can keep moving towards your goals!

“Corey helped me identify and work through thought patterns that were keeping me from seeing and achieving my creative endeavors as a professional photographer. I’d recommend him as someone who can give you creative and technical clarity while helping you expand your view of possibilities for you and your work.”

Lauren Mudrock

Owner & Photographer, Lauren Mudrock Photography

Corey is a wealth of knowledge. I had a creative empowerment session that I wasn’t sure I would get a lot out of since I’ve never done anything like it, but I actually walked away with incredibly valuable information, and things I hadn’t even thought about for starting my own art business. I feel like our session was a necessity for my future path now. Super professional, personable, encouraging, and supportive. It truly did creatively empower as well as individually empower. I feel like I have a muchhhhh better grasp on my future art business plans now. To go about it in a productive, professional, yet balanced way.”

SJ Therese

Follow SJ on Instagram, @faeriefigments

The Process

Schedule a 1-on-1

Click on the booking link below to schedule your 60-minute session. Once you click the booking link, you’ll be transferred to my appointment calendar where you can book your appointment. On the booking page, please select the “Creative Empowerment Session” service listing.

Sessions on Zoom

All 1-on-1 sessions will take place on a Zoom call. After your appointment is booked and confirmed, I will send you a unique link to the Zoom call in advance of your appointment. This is the link that will be the digital “room” we both join when the time comes for your appointment.

Gain Empowerment

Once all the technical steps have been navigated through to get your session started,  it’s time to help you get past your pain points, learn something new for yourself, and gain clarity and excitement to move forward with your creative desires or in your business! Let’s go!

60-minute Creative Empowerment Single Session

During your 60-minute Creative Empowerment session, we’ll go through whatever you want to tackle that day, 1-on-1. Whether you want feedback on a project you’re working on, wanting to learn a new technical creative skill, or maybe you just need some project consulting, this is the session for you! Think of me as your creative life coach/strategist and teacher for the hour!

*This is an introductory rate for a limited time as I try out the process and gain feedback. Spots are very limited for this new service during the testing phase! Book an appointment today!


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