Can You Give Yourself Permission to Shift?

Avatar Projection

The story we tell ourselves has such a profound effect on the reality we create. Spare me a moment real quick, and pretend you’re writing your own character in a movie or novel.

How would you write that character? What would that character do? Now granted, depending on the type of story, you may write that character to be able to crawl on walls or fire laser beams out of your eyes…but that’s not what I’m trying to get at here.

If you were to write an ideal character version of you for your story, how would they act? What would they do on a daily basis? What struggles are they facing, and can you write the solution for that character to create an ending to that story that is uplifting, inspirational, or even blissful?

Is the character one of strength, confidence, charisma, and compassion? Is the character strong and wise and beautiful on the inside and outside? Write the most ideal version of yourself as a character in a movie, book, play, etc. Seriously, do this real quick and see what you come up with!

Now, after you’ve written the avatar version of yourself, how does that compare to how you currently view yourself in this non-fiction reality? What is different about the ideal character you’ve written in comparison to yourself? If there are any disparities between the two, what can you do to change your thinking, feelings, or actions that could potentially transform the organic, living version of you into what you’ve now just created in this hypothetical, Oscar-nominated screenplay?

Deconstructing and Reshaping Your Reality

The reason I’m saying this is because from the time we are born, all the way up until this present moment, we’re shaped into who we are based on a multitude of factors. We go through life, we make some friends, we create some things, we do a bunch of school work, get starter jobs, and hopefully get into fulfilling careers (or at least that’s one common path for many).

Along the way though, every human is going to experience something different in every area of life. All these experiences begin to mold what one would perceive as their reality. Then based on those experiences, belief structures begin to take hold, especially when those beliefs are being ingrained and confirmed by people we’re around most or through societal structures, programming, etc.

However, not is always as it seems on the outside, and most of the time, you have more options and internal power than you think. Seeing those options though may require a lot of discernment, life experience, patience, and awakening in order to remove yourself from the trappings of your own subconscious…in other words, being able to see yourself, your decisions, things that happen to you, etc, all from a 3rd person point of view, with no emotional or reactionary attachment.

So if you’ve written an amazing version of yourself as a character, but find a lot of disparity between your real self and the ideal self image you feel like is possible for you, that basically shows you how much inner work there is to be done in order to embody that version of you.

But, don’t be discouraged! The point of this post is to NOT discourage, but to encourage you to start taking those steps towards that best version of you…no matter how “far” off you may view that is to achieve.

And I wouldn’t even look at it as trying to “achieve” something. Life is a journey, but sometimes we all try to lay out a perfect roadmap for ourselves from the time we are 9 years old and try to live to that standard or roadmap (or sometimes the roadmap is created for us from parents and other outside influences).

But the problem is, when we try to map out every little detail about what we want to do or create, and also try to manipulate the external things around us in order to make the details fit correctly in our minds of how we will manifest achieving that goal or aspiration…it becomes a game of tug-o-war instead of a game of wonder and adventure.

Can’t you feel the difference between those 2 games?

Unfortunately as we grow older, obviously we become burden with more responsibilities and things to take care of; so many of us lose that child-like sense of wonder and imagination in the areas of our lives that could still benefit from it. Part of me just feels like it doesn’t need to be that way.

Sure, there are times to be serious in life and times to be silly, but what if you could embody the state of “play” into your daily tasks, your work or business?

What if you followed your intuition to take a walk or take a nap in the middle of the day, instead of forcing yourself to complete a certain task by a certain time?

What if following the intuition to take that nap allows your mind and body to rest just that little bit extra, and during that time, you conjure up the next idea for yourself that changes the trajectory of your life?

Why do you feel you need to live or be a certain way? Is it because that’s what you truly want, or is it because you’re (potentially subconsciously) living up to the standard of someone else?

Can you give yourself permission to shift?


Corey is a freelance creative and spiritual explorer who enjoys deep conversation, excavating for deeper meanings in the universe, as well as uplifting others and helping them thrive in their own lives or ventures. He loves inspiring through blogging or creating content, but also revels in the arts in its many forms.

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